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Seth Resler, Becky Scarcello, and Jag interview the go-getters and heavy hitters in the Detroit arts and entertainment scene.

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Podcast Episodes

Spotlight: Dave Wait of Motor City Pride

Dave Wait, Chairperson of Motor City Pride, talks about the upcoming festival and parade in Detroit. The annual event, which is Michigan’s largest pride event, attracts over 40,000 people.

More Interviews

Interview with Detroit Artist Nancy J. Rodwan, the Author of Purged

Nancy J. Rodwan’s new book, Purged: The Art of Metamorphosis, explores Detroiters’ relationship with their cast-off possessions. The book includes photos of the donated items next to the artworks they became, as well their back stories and Rodwan’s thoughts and inspirations on each piece.

What Does Movement Mean to Detroit?

Becky Scarcello, co-host of The D Brief podcast, headed down to Hart Plaza to find out what Movement means to Detroit from Mike Huckaby, Ryan Dahl, Steff Chris, and Matt Martinez.

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Seth Resler, Becky Scarcello, and Jag