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Seth Resler, Becky Scarcello, and Jag interview the go-getters and heavy hitters in the Detroit arts and entertainment scene.

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Podcast Episodes

Spotlight: Aaron Foley, Chief Storyteller for the City of Detroit

Aaron Foley, the City of Detroit’s Chief Storyteller and the author of How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass, shares his views on the city’s renaissance. We discuss his rise as a journalist, his view on the loss of Detroit’s Amazon headquarters bid, and where to find some of the best places to eat.

Holocaust Memorial Center and Detroit History Tours

The Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills offers powerful lessons from the past. Detroit History Tours’ Bailey Sisoy Isgro talks about the roots of the Detroit Grand Prix and the Boblo Island Ferry.

Spotlight: Detroit Art Week

Amani Olu and Aleiya Lindsey, the organizers of Detroit Art Week, talk about what it takes to launch this event. We talk about the difference between the art scene in Detroit and other cities, the venues participating this year, and how newbies can dive into the world of contemporary art.

The Concert of Colors and Metro Late Night

The Concert of Colors, the free world music festival, returns to Detroit. Director and Curator Ismael Ahmed talks about what to expect at this year’s event. Also, comedians Tom McCarthy and Bill Bushart talk about the pilot episode of Metro Late Night filming at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle.

Spotlight: Emily T. Gail of Say Nice Things About Detroit

Emily T. Gail, the co-creator of the Say Nice Things About Detroit movement, stops by to share her story. She talks about owning a boutique retail and eatery at Corner of Congress and Shelby in the 70s, organizing Detroit foot races in the 80s, and revitalizing the Say Nice Things About Detroit brand over the last decade.

More Interviews

Interview with the Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival

The Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival returns to Planet Ant in Hamtramck for the second year on July 27th and 28th. We asked the festival’s Director and Programmer, Jerry White Jr., a few questions about it.

Interview with Detroit Artist Nancy J. Rodwan, the Author of Purged

Nancy J. Rodwan’s new book, Purged: The Art of Metamorphosis, explores Detroiters’ relationship with their cast-off possessions. The book includes photos of the donated items next to the artworks they became, as well their back stories and Rodwan’s thoughts and inspirations on each piece.

What Does Movement Mean to Detroit?

Becky Scarcello, co-host of The D Brief podcast, headed down to Hart Plaza to find out what Movement means to Detroit from Mike Huckaby, Ryan Dahl, Steff Chris, and Matt Martinez.

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Seth Resler, Becky Scarcello, and Jag